Master Troll and Math




To understand who DS is, check the post: Trolls

Confident.  This is the word that he could use to describe himself and how he want people to see him.  Expert would be another word.  Because he give advice, wall of advices, to everyone, including senior developers, on how to successfully handle  AAA game development.

Problem: This self-proclaimed expert his a patented loser, who hardly achieved anything memorable in 20 years except to be recognized as incompetent to deliver finished product, even vaguely half playable.  He may have special unusual talent like slicing pizza with his toe or opening win bottle with a fingernail but gamers community still have to figure out what he can provide beside… wall of lies and prophecies of doom.


– Expertise n°1:  based on official numbers given by Master Troll and CIG.

  •  Master Troll last production game attempt: team of 16 and 20M$ development costs. Start to develop in 2010.  7 years ago. Nothing delivered… in Beta… somewhere… may be now available through an obscure online licence key game reseller.
    • Cost per head count: 20M$ / 16 = 1.25M$
    • Cost per owners (1.063 based on Steam Spy): 20M$ / 1063 = $18.814
  • Star Citizen:  team of 428 in June 2017  and 151 M$. Start to develop in Nov 2012. 5 years ago.    Multiple modules delivered and playable, mainly for fun and test purposes until everything is merged together.
    • Cost per head count: 151M$ /428= 0.35M$
    • Cost per owners (+600.000): 151M$ / 600K = $251

Conclusion:  Without surprise, Master Troll spend 3.57 times more $ per employee and the cost of development per owner is 74 times higher than Star Citizen.  Both are not released hence will continue to accrue costs… but also owners.        Well at least in the case of Star Citizen as we hardly see Master Troll perform anything but a cosmic fail while Star Citizen still have at least 1 year and half of cash ahead, with Squadron 42 in ambush, that will bring alone 10’s M$.

Master Troll lie/incompetence level: Check (count 1)


– Expertise n°2: This is the end prophecy from Master Troll.   2015 was the year of CIG collapse.  Bankruptcy was right around the corner. He was nice even to share with us a  date (too kind of him),  October 6th of 2015: CIG will collapse in 90 days, said a voice from above (expires January 6st 2016).

Conclusion:  Well.  How to say that. Nostradamus can sleep safely…  Funds raised on October 6th 2015 was $90,399,876.   Total jumped up to $105,018,842 on the doom date and is now… $183,834,902 in May 2018.    Prophecy was false by a short gap of only $78,816,060… and pledges without special events grow up on average by 2M$ per month.

Master Troll lie/incompetence level: Check (count 2)


– Expertise n°3: Derek Smart: CIG only has 8 million in cash left (September 24th 2015)

Conclusion:  Mmmm…    Just in case, lets help ours trolls make a simple division.  All OS do have a calculator. Smartphone are a good option as well.  At worst they can ask Mom.   So take $61,145,124/ 2 years = $30,572,562      CIG use between 25 to 30M$ per year at current rate.  More than 1 year of cash.  Not even counting pledges for the remaining 6 months of 2017, release of SC 3.0 and Squadron 42 Chapter 1 that will both add massive flow of pledges and new backers.   Prophecy of doom will have to wait a century at this rate.

      Master Troll lie/incompetence level: Check (count 3)


And because we backers are mostly positive guys with a desire to help build something and not destroy it for selfish reason, let’s conclude with a wise advice from a proven clever person.  Let’s share Chris Robert’s thought about Master Troll during an interview to PCgamesn:

“I try not to get into any of that. I think people who talk about other people’s work… I don’t know what to say, other than, if someone spent so much energy focusing on their own stuff, maybe people would like their own stuff better. I don’t particularly pay much attention to him because it seems like the more people pay attention to him… I think at the end of the day the game is gonna speak for itself, the content speaks for itself. There’s plenty of people who say, y’know, you can’t do certain things and I don’t listen to them. Especially, y’know, I mean, you have to listen to people who have actually been able to do stuff and that you respect. That’s not the case [here].”


Foot note: comments are allowed but moderated and with  auto-ban On.  Contrary to the patented clown and followers, I have a life and do not waste time feeding troll. Sorry you will have to find a SC article to discharge your frustration  🙂

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