Star Citizen: Dates & Numbers


Some key dates and numbers:

Employees count:

  • Nov. 2012 end of Kickstarter: Chris Roberts and around 10 people   🙂
  • 2013:  48       (Austin: 34 –  LA: 14)
  • 2014: 161      (Austin: 55 –  LA: 38 –  Manchester: 68)
  • 2015: 258      (Austin: 57 –  LA: 41 –  Manchester: 132 – Frankfurt: 28)
  • 2016: 363      (Austin: 54 –  LA: 64 –  Manchester: 191 – Frankfurt: 54)
  • 2017: 428 
  • 2018: 475 (April)

Source:  here

– Pledges chart:

  • Nov. 2012 end of Kickstarter:  goal was 2M$.  They got 6M$
  • 2012: 7M$
  • 2013: 35M$   –> +31M$
  • 2014: 68M$   –> +33M$
  • 2015: 104M$   –> +36M$
  • 2016: 140M$   –> +36M$
  • 2017: 175.6M$  –> +34.9M$
  • 2018: 184M$ (May)

– Citizens count (not the Backers count which is estimated to +700.000 individual)

  • 2012: 103.000
  • 2013: 340.000
  • 2014: 705.000
  • 2015: 1.150.000
  • 2016: 1.700.000
  • 2017: 1.956.000 
  • 2018: 2.027.000 (May)

Source: here


Chris Roberts: Star Citizen’s Expanding Scope Is ‘The Whole Damn Point’

“Star Citizen matters BECAUSE it is big, because it is a bold dream. It is something everyone else is scared to try. You didn’t back Star Citizen because you want what you’ve seen before. You’re here and reading this because we are willing to go big, to do the things that terrify publishers. You’ve trusted us with your money so we can build a game, not line our pockets. And we sure as hell didn’t run this campaign so we could put that money in the bank, guarantee ourselves a profit and turn out some flimsy replica of a game I’ve made before. You went all in supporting us and we’ve gone all in making the game. Is Star Citizen today a bigger goal than I imagined in 2012? Absolutely. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not: it’s the whole damn point.”

“Will it take longer to deliver all this? Of course! When the scope changes, the amount of time it will take to deliver all the features naturally increases. This is something we are acutely aware of. How do we balance the mutually conflicting wants of the community; to have this hugely ambitious game, but not wait forever for it?”

“This is all being made possible by your enthusiasm and support. As we promised since the start of the campaign, we invest every dollar raised into the game. Anyone with knowledge about game development can assess our spending based on the information we share every month. It speaks for itself that from the outset our TOS provides for an accounting to be published if we ever had to stop development before delivering. With the progress and the funds we’ve raised this is no longer an issue, but quite obviously we wouldn’t have provided for this clause, if we weren’t using your funds very carefully for the development of Star Citizen.”

Source of full letter: here


So what?

Well, this blog being mainly a troll dump. Let’s talk about the remaining raging claim: “5 years of development and still nothing!

Remember, trolls are not commenting to pretend they are smart but to create trouble and have fun of it.

For those interested in basics, games require three things:  time, vision and support

  • Time: The time to develop a specific project.  In Star Citizen case, the first goal was to get a successful Kickstarter to prove Space game was not dead and validate the contribution of private investors.  Chris Roberts himself was surprised by the clear signal sent by backers with 6M$ pledged versus a goal of 2M$ in just a very short period of time.     Indeed that was never seen before!               At one point, Chris Roberts proposed to expand the initial goal to make AAA game. In fact not one but two.  Squadron 42, the equivalent of Wing Commander solo game, plus an MMO, Star Citizen.   The community approved at once. The current level of pledges since 2014/2015 does prove that this scope change approval is not fake.
  • Also looking at key numbers above, make it clear that the team sized to cover AAA scope was starting to be on the bridge during 2015.   Patience is key.  We are not late versus AAA scope. 
  • Vision: Nothing much to say about vision.  Chris Roberts is a visionary guy.  His resume does speak by itself. Of course, not everything is perfect and some may have a different opinion, but he is definitively someone who do deliver things that people can remember. Hence the 151M$ (June 2017)
  • Support: You will need…
    • Cash: checked
    • Talented people with fields of competence: checked
    • And last but not least: a community eager to help: checked
    • … as well as few trolls because indeed they do support Star Citizen, unbeknown to themselves… that keep us focus while testing modules and waiting for patch and new contents  🙂

Every quarter bring us closer from our Precious!

Foot note: comments are allowed but moderated and with  auto-ban On.  Contrary to the patented clown and followers, I have a life and do not waste time feeding troll. Sorry you will have to find a SC article to discharge your frustration  🙂

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