The “Refund before too late” parody



Why this campaign?


Fact is that CIG continue to gather pledges around 25 to 35 M$ on average per year since the end of Kickstarter in November 2012.

Since January 2017, despite having no special sale promo or advertise, pledges reached 2M$ on average monthly.  Of course it is to be expected that pledges should slow down sometimes during 2017, as long as no major patch are released (thinking about 3.0).

A new module for test purpose, have been released: SM (Star Marine).  A major patch is expected sometimes in 2017 (SC 3.0 end of June 2017) followed by Squadron 42 Chapter 1, a refreshed and on steroid version of the critically acclaimed Wing Commander series made by Chris Robert.

This alone means that for Master Troll (Aka : DS), it will be much harder to spread lie and try to disturb SC community, as even for the most unaware observer, backers will then have a major update with SC 3.0 to 3.5, followed by Squadron 42 (end of 2018 at best with serious possibility to slip out to mid-2019)

Hence the hurry for Master Troll to use this time window to push its hater campaign on something he never get himself:   backers’s money.

The impact of refunds is negligible… but for Master Troll, every single dollars removed from CR’s bucket give him a smile face.  


Revenge And Then What?


Master Troll tried a last attempt to make a 15’s iteration of its disastrous game Battlecruiser, released 20 years ago.

For the fun, here is an extract of a journalist reviewing a Master Troll game (but that summarize them all by the way):

“The game crashes constantly, more than any game I have ever played. Almost any action you perform will cause the program to go south. I didn’t know what half the functions were or how to use them. Most of them don’t work: going into orbit around a planet, using jump points, navigating to distant star systems, docking, and so on; the list is long. Objects pass through other objects. Ships don’t do what they’re told. Equipment won’t work. I won’t even go into the alleged ground combat mode because I couldn’t make heads or tails of it, never got it to work, and haven’t been able to find anyone who can even tell me if it’s even in the game or not. Best of all, the campaign can’t be played past the second mission, which is structured in such a way that it cannot possibly ever end.”


This new attempt is called LOD (that we could translate as: Last Outrageous Disaster) and  has been already removed from Steam and available through an obscur online shop… with zero refund policy… Guess why 🙂

The fault to a conspiracy: “SC backers are very bad guys, they do not stop telling this game is total crap” said Master Troll.

Unofficial reason would be closer from this: he was kick out by Steam staff because of hurting Steam reputation with a game to be released in 2013 and still in Beta in 2016. Conclusion was pretty clear.  This guy never delivered anything good and have a real and flagrant disrespect toward gamers at large.  He was even selling pack that cost up to 70$, pretending his game was able to handle thousands of players… The average daily “players” was 2 (yes two) after 5 years of Beta  🙂

So Steam would have been untitled to kick him out of Steam shop.    Guess what happened then? Master Troll rejected any refund request, hiding behind a so called Steam policy.  Do what I say, not what I do 🙂


Back to the refund story. Since a few weeks (back in 2016), a handful of the Master Troll followers – they are at best 10 active sad guys that create new alts every so often – are rushing to every single SC article to shoot one single sentence : “refund before too late”  Giving multiple proof of so called refund…  What can we expect from trolls and haters could you ask?

  • The proof are forged documents, forged video included: I made a fake refund “proof”  in few minutes :


How to catch a Refund parody story


The typical wording used is as follow.

I’ve been a backer since November of 2012 and have a little over …..k$
pledged to this project. Bla bla bla bla….. Submitted my refund request today.


Now feel free to replace date by anything you want and refund amount by any $ you may wish to buy a house.  You will note that most of those refund story are based on thousands of dollars, not hundred.  Why to be shy.  If you lie try to do it with style  🙂
I added my own contribution by telling my refund story of precisely $108,730.46.   Well this is a nice amount of money after all, and adding cents make it more credible    🙂

  • They call paranoid those who say that this is all but lies orchestrated by Master Troll.  Guess what… Master Troll was caught upvoting one of his minion spreading lies.  The very one who call others paranoid.  A gold moment!


The truth about refund by CIG


By TOS, there is no automatic refund. Period.

However CIG depending on specific situations like health or unemployment may wisely agree to accept a partial refund as in all case, restrictions apply depending on the source and pledges usage.
A few backers depending on their location in U.S.  may have special regulation (but still CIG have no obligation to refund on request).  SC is a worldwide backers’s project, not one guy in Florida.

This is the beauty of internet. You can shoot whatever you want, give fake proof of an authentic refund letter signed by Abraham Lincoln himself and pretend you are one among hundred thousands of others…

What you see is the last attempt to malign Chris Roberts and Star Citizen Community with this “refund before too late” parody. All instilled from his blog and compulsive Twitt on which he looks to focus its main daily activity. Soon a 24/7 job.

A very sad and disgusting guy with a very sad life.  But only him is responsible of his life and behavior


Foot note: comments are allowed but moderated and with  auto-ban On.  Contrary to the patented clown and followers, I have a life and do not waste time feeding troll. Sorry you will have to find a SC article to discharge your frustration  🙂



6 thoughts on “The “Refund before too late” parody

  1. Nice article but a bit misleading. You can’t put “no refunds” in a TOS unless you’ve delivered a final product, and the current alpha doesn’t qualify. Any court would side with the consumer in this case. Even VALVE got smashed tor denying refunds on sales of released games, so CIG won’t ever win that battle.


    • Correct but it depend on various court location. I have no problem on refund, just against the campaign of we know who that push for it based on a personal agenda. Now this is all about CIG keeping delivering patch that bring us to a final release. A matter of time rather than Con or vaporware 🙂 I have personally zero doubt about CIG releasing SQ42 first chapter between end of 21017 and mid 2018.


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  5. Really good read, i had a good laugh. I have been seeing CIG is running out of money since 2015 up to this day. It’s hilarious and highly entertaining. Meanwhile i expect 3.0 with anticipation. first day it’s out i will make a video on YouTube just to hit the trolls where it hurts. And only laugh throughout the entire video for 10 minutes at their previous statements.


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