“The Dirty Dozen Circle Jerk Mantra”


Everybody know this famous movie of 1967 directed by Robert Aldrich that depict a Dirty Dozen of individual. Here is the storyline: A Major with an attitude problem is told to interview military prisoners with death sentences for a dangerous mission: To parachute behind enemy lines and cause havoc for the German Generals at a rest house on the eve of D-Day.


It looks like this movie did inspired Master Troll to make a modern internet version.  He kept Dirty.  He kept Dozen and write his own storyline: “A developer with an attitude problem choose to select 12 lies or claims and spread them on the web to reach his hidden agenda:  To parachute behind backers lines and cause havoc to his historical competitor, on the eve of D-Day game release.”

So what this movie have to do with this guy IRL?  I picked his public statements/prophecies from here (for the sake of the parody, I kept obviously only 12, but there are even more), sorted them out, updated some and classified them by one of the favorite Master Troll tactics, one or several at once: obfuscation, speculation, deception, unverifiable claims, prophecies and of course the most common one, lies.

Obfuscation: to make (something) unclear to the understanding

Speculation: Ideas or guesses about something that is not known

Deception: The act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid

Unverifiable claims: Unable to confirm or verify an assertion open to challenge

Prophecy: A prediction of something to come. A statement that something will happen in the future

Lies: Marked by or containing untrue statements

Circle jerk: A group between like-minded individuals that validates mutual biases or goals



Out of 12 statements/prophecies, Master Troll reached the score of 10 proven false and 2 falling in the pit of unverifiable claims.

So as unverifiable stay unverifiable until they are proven true or false, he reached 100% of Lie/Deceptive actions.   All of them were supposed to prove he was right.    All of them prove that his agenda is headed to malign each single Star Citizen backers and to confuse or scare future backers.


“The Dirty Dozen Circle Jerk Mantra”

Master Troll Public Statements

Status on Jan 2017

Tactic used

He states that he has initiated legal action (24 august 2015)

FALSE: or no longer true.  One of the regular Master Troll tactic is to incorporate in comments legal wording, Gov. org names or threaten of initiated something.     Every single citizen of Western countries can initiate a legal action (send a letter) then cancel it the same way a few days later.

Obfuscation, speculation, unverifiable claims prophecy and lies are his main weapons.

Proof?  He stated himself on March 30, 2016 at 4:50 am he was not going to sue.


: one step forward and two steps back

CIG only has 8 million in cash left (24 September 2015) FALSE: Read: Master troll and Math Lies + Deception
“My goal is NOT to see Star Citizen fail.” (5 November 2015) FALSE. on October 5th he proclaimed “to burn it all down” Lies + Deception
(regarding Citizencon) “Most of audience are staff. few were fans” (12 October 2015)


Up to 30,000’s viewers on Twitch live stream  as well.  Probably all relatives and friends of staff    🙂

Lies + Deception
Key people will leave CIG after the holiday (17 November 2015) FALSE: we are well into 2016 and, so far no key people seem to have left. This prediction is as valuable as saying it will rain at some point in the future Lies + Deception
Mark Skelton and Jared talking about 2.0. Which clearly is NOT ready for release. (19 November 2015) FALSE: while 2.0 is not yet going to be widespread released (same with earlier releases), it is going to be released to 1000 backers for PTU testing, these backers are free to show and stream. UPDATE: as of 12 December 2.0 is fully released Lies + Deception
2.0 is not actually running 64-bit but is cheating by using planets as an origin for 32-bit positioning. (20 November 2015) CIG never comment twitt of this guy.  Nobody on internet can say if it was true of false. In fact the main reason:  Nobody care 🙂 Unverifiable claims
Star Marine was canceled at Citcon (12 October 2015) FALSE: star marine is still mentioned as in development… and released on January 3rd 2017 Lies
Vows to find out where the money went, ALL OFF IT!

[5 November 2015)

 Everyone can gather financial public information.  Talking about checking every single $ expense of a company with subsidiaries in three different countries will require nothing less than a… legal action.

So unless this charming person engage in a legal action, that fall in his usual tactic of obfuscation, speculation, unverifiable claims prophecy and lies

Unverifiable claims + Deception
I am still a backer (19 November 2015) FALSE: as of 30 march he claims no longer to be a backer Lies
CIG is out of money (30th march 2016) FALSE:  at large. Read: Master troll and Math Lies + Deception

Toast (a long time backer, mod and eventually paralegal at CIG) doesn’t work anymore at CIG

(14 April 2016)

FALSE: (Hilariously). He appeared at the reverse the verse episode no less than a day later Lies+ Deception

More?    check  Ocean’s Twelve lies


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