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The Crime Exclusion Zone


After studying very carefully the timing of his aggressiveness since two years versus his past communication, I come to the intimate conviction that the all Drama have been planned from the start by Master Troll

Back in 2011, Master Troll got information about Chris Roberts starting to look again seriously to make a modern remake of the critically acclaimed Wing Commander franchise.  After all, he pretend to have a large network of informers all around the gaming industry…

He saw an opportunity to surf on Chris Roberts decision.

First because of his Ego.

Second because he had already all assets to make 15th iteration of his game. More or less a copy/paste of assets and storyline used for the previous fourteen games released since 1996.

Third, it was the opportunity to settle up a whole drama. Here below how and why.


Alibis Deciphered

First reason

– Ego –

The guy have a cosmic size ego.  This is fine, unless you accumulate others compulsory bad behavior [Troll]


Second reason

– Copy/paste of previous games –

Master Troll is very well known for regurgitating the same concept again and again, mainly by changing name and a few sentence here and there of the storyline. 

Using the same concept is not bad in itself.  Problem is that the results have been terrible and/or embarrassing since two decades.  The original Battlecruiser is not different of the last attempt beside cosmetic change [photo comparison].  Graphic which was correct or average 20 years ago are not anymore. Same for animation, same for environment or quests.  Same pitch of a massive universe… that nobody ever saw… in 20 years. Promise of incredible gameplay with hundreds or even thousands of players…  Always promised, always dropped at once at some point of “development”. This is all a fairy tale in Master Troll’s head and buyers have to guess it and swallow it.  Missed the point or disagree with resulting game experience?  Your problem, not the one of Master Troll who do not give a shit about gamers. 

The all strategy is to try catching a few $ from gamers, a last time, before retirement.  Hence the attempt by selling an Early Access on Steam in 2014, together with enhance packs for which he charged up to 99$ (below a picture with pack up to 59.99$)

LOD Store price.PNG

We know the resulting debacle.  The all thing was removed from Steam in 2016, with no refund from Master Troll, the fault to Steam policy, did he said (not my fault as usual).

Recently, Master Troll announce: It will be released on Xbox1 console, not on PC first… guess why.  PC is a dead platform for him. Even worst, it is a pedestal of its incompetence. The whole PC perimeter is too well aware of Master Troll behavior towards gamers and the terrible “quality” of what get a 3000AD stamp. Milking Xbox1 young comers, which have little to no knowledge about PC, is a dream come true for Master Troll … with a refund policy that will be equal to a finger.


Third reason

– A high smell of pure premeditation from Master Troll to create a drama (who gains). This is not Early Access concept but Early Lies and Debacle concept –

Being a compulsive and obsessive hater does not make a person necessarily an idiot, far to be…  We have seen that the two decades strategy is to endlessly release the same thing. So as soon he knew about CR desire to invigorate the Space game alleged dead by Publishers on PC,  the possibility to grab a few hundred K$ was seen like and opportunity by Master Troll… but only if he was able to get enough attention, understand visibility from media.

His 15th game had no chance to come near the line of quality, stability, gameplay and scope of Star Citizen, not even a game like Xcom2.  Selling more than a few thousands units would have required a direct Divine intervention.  Today internet with multiple source of information and viral propagation would award him the Last Outrageous Disaster crown in a blink of eye. 

Hence the subtle idea to become a backer of his most intimate enemy: Chris Roberts.  The one who was going to reproduce with certainty the Wing Commander hit.  

Master Troll then quietly started to behave as he always did in his professional life: create havoc and obfuscation (Rather than going to ground to avoid digital surveillance, you could surround yourself with so much noise that watchers cannot distinguish your signal- Finn Brunton & Helen Nissenbaum).

Doing so he was sure to be thrown away as backer…  and it happened as planned.  The road for master Troll Drama sham was then widely open, firmly grounded on his eternal victim status and De Facto self-proclaimed “Protectors of Consumers”    🙂        The Evil face as its best!



With The  Never Seen Success of Star Citizen Kickstarter, The Benefit Of Crime Is Double


–          First edge of the blade: create condition of a drama, allowing maximum visibility for free as Media are always focusing on drama (click bait).  Suddenly, he was becoming visible to 10.000’s of backers and gamers via internet Web sites.  Supported by his unprecedented Twitt activity (literally thousands since 3 years).

 –          Second edge of the blade: Try to hurt as much as possible his beloved enemy, Chris Roberts and the incredible amount of pledges received monthly by Star Citizen is a permanent insult for Master Troll. A constant reminder of his shattered dream of fame and recognition.   A daily slap compared to his own Steam Early Access collapsing trajectory. The clown is even following the per hour pledge amount of Star Citizen to cry bankruptcy at every slight drop…

… per hour  🙂


 Hands Up!


Since November 2012, Chris Roberts is gathering 10’s M$ per year. The number of backers has jumped from 10.000’s to 100.000’s thousands… (+700.000 on May 2018 and 184M$ pledges). Perfect timing to open the floodgates of hatred against Chris Roberts and backers, using lies and deception.   This is clearly visible in the graph below that does show Master Troll switching communication strategy (data taken from his official blog). Posts written between 2010 and 2016.

70 posts since 2010.   He has now totally dropped posts dedicated to his own game (that could not survive a comparison with even the Alpha state of Star Citizen).

Posts targeted against Chris roberts and Star Citizen Community, jumped from 0% in 2012 to 50% in 2015 and  100% in 2016 and keep going in 2017.  It does not matter if lies or deceptive actions are too big.  It is never too big for internet.  Here is below a graph of DS articles since 2009 up to end of August 2017:

DS blog

Life Sentence: To Be Chained In His Own Mental Jail


Drama does not suffer half-measures.  Hints must be strong and vocal (even and preferably coming from a “very well informed source that have to stay anonym”).

If you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes truth.  Who care they will be proven false or forged later on.  

Master Troll is very well known for hardly delivering what he pretend to give..   Provide a list of features that all space gamers are looking for, shoot an estimated date of release, pushed back several times… or never reached (Early Access… then run away). This is not illegal.  He did it already by ensuring he has no accountability toward gamers and “promises”.  Moral or ethical?  Forget about it. Two words not part of his vocabulary.

One of its main characteristic: make promises he never put himself in capacity to comply with.  Pretend to deliver a game that is superior to Star Citizen and even compare it to Planet Side 2.. not a problem…  🙂

Not enough? Add the strength of a good old prophecy of Doom.  It will happen, this is sure.  All rejecting my truth are cultists, White Knight and more precisely, Shitizens as he likes to name SC community Backers.   

Of course many posts against Star Citizen include one or several reminders about its upcoming “game”: Last Outrageous Disaster – My Mastered Oblivion (LOD MMO)  🙂

Star Citizen is now De Facto the single valid media support through which he try to stay visible.  But there is a fly in the soup. The size of a gull.  Many people did not even know the guy before he starts to resuscitate his vendetta. But it was before 🙂   They are now very aware… and  Master Troll burned the last ship he was planning to use to get home.

 For further description of his lies and deceptive strategy, check those posts: “The Dirty Dozen Circle Jerk Mantra” and Ocean’s Twelve Lies.


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