Why boycotting Master Troll’s games is not even needed



Boycott: To abstain from or act together in abstaining from using, buying, dealing with, or participating in as an expression of protest or disfavor or as a means of coercion. It is an agreement by two or more people who refuse to do business with a person or company. Unlike a single company’s boycott, or a boycott by consumers of a particular business, a group boycott is illegal under antitrust laws.

So legally, we can boycott and refuse to do any business with Master Troll, as a person or company owner.

Why It Is Not  Even a Requirement?


Answer is quite simple. The experience is terrible already for a PC Gamer. So with a console, which is now officially his main axe of interest, it is even worst.  Console players are not the one who are going to read a manual the size of a Baltimore University door-stopper. There are here for fun not trouble.  DS games are the opposite.

Sharing widely information about Master Troll “panel “of (cough) games, is much more efficient.  This is public information so gamers can think twice before pushing the buy button.

Here is a snapshot of Metacritic providing an overview of all games released by Master Troll since 1996 till 2015.


There is either no Users score at all (9 out of 17 have no users score) or the score is terrible.  Despite having copy/paste the same game during 20 years, the average score is abysmal.  Less than 2.40 out of 10

What about recommendation about his game available on Xbox and PC platforms?

In case you are masochist and plan to pay for it… don’t 🙂

          First: check for a free version or test it if you can find someone in your country with a console version,

          Second: if you cannot find a free version, check the Refund policy and stick to it. Grab it like a lifeline. You will need it!    If there is none, run, as you are already in the deceptive calm of the eye of Master Troll mockery storm!

          Third: if you think you are not totally ready for a pain in the ass experience and money waste, make you a favor.  Pick up a game online that do provide justice to gamers hard earn money. In Short: XCOM or XCOM2

Here is a quick comparison on what you get for your money

XCOM2   versus Last Outrageous Disaster Tactics


xcom2 vs Last Outrageous Disaster Tactics  (PDF)file-page1



I Have Finished XCOM2, what next?


For those who question themselves: “I have finished XCOM2- which Games like XCOM2 can I picked up?”  This site made a list of 55 potential games, with various different gameplay style and universe.

Guess what. In this endless list of several pages, none of the 17’s iteration of Master troll series is mentioned…   conspiracy everywhere!

In summary, both Web reviewers and gamers are voting with their feet in the same direction… the very opposite from Master Troll hill of toxic reality, lies and promises.