Ocean’s Twelve Lies

More lies and obfuscation from master Troll




Master Troll Prediction Commentary Tactics Used
Master Troll: The entire Austin Office will be shutdown, leaving only a skeleton crew at a new location 26 October 2015 FALSE:  The total of employee even grow up from 34 to 54 Lie + Deceptive
Master Troll: CIG does not have the tech for seamless FPS transitions. 14 november 2015 FALSE: Master Troll said it was true at the said date… which can apply to 100% project on this planet.  At one point, things does not exist.  It is like saying : this is not 12:00.  It is true once every day but the clock is fully real :). Seen first in action during GamesCom 2016 (Aug 19, 2016). Deceptive
Master Troll: whatever they release as 2.0 is purely designed as more smoke and mirrors. 2 november 2015 FALSE: Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Available!

Alpha 2.0 Gameplay Trailer

Lie + Deceptive
Master Troll: I don’t believe that there will be anything tangible in the upcoming AC 2.0. 2 november 2015 FALSE:  2.0 has new (multicrew) ships, large maps, fps, quantum drive and quests. Lie + Deceptive
Master Troll: I  will be releasing the names of ALL the ships going on sale at the anniversary stream. November 2015 FALSE: Master Troll  did not release any names before the sale Lie
Master Troll: About 2.0. if it was “ready”, why would it need to be stagger released to only 1000 people? So no, it’s not ready. And probably won’t be until 2016.

19 November 2015

FALSE: 2.0 was released on 12-12-2015 Lie + Deceptive
Master Troll: Star Citizen cannot pull off seamless planetary landings source FALSE: Holiday Livestream 2015: Procedural Planets Lie + Deceptive
Master Troll: The CIG business model, beyond this $85m pledge phase, is unsustainable. 21 July 2015 FALSE: CIG  raised 142M$ in Jan. 2017. See numbers here

Chris Roberts never said the Kickstater will last after official release (current status is Alpha), indeed he said the opposite. Business model will be based on DLC’s and micro-transactions

Lie + Deceptive
Within the next few week everything not SQ42 related will be shut down. 30th march 2016 FALSE: It is August 2016 and 2.5 (hence not SQ42) is in Evocati hands for  testing Lie + Deceptive
Master Troll: not a SINGLE cap ship is flyable atm. Idris is large. At that visual fidelity, it simply WILL NOT WORK. Like EVER. 5th August 2016 FALSE: there already has been an Idris flying in the engine twice during the live presentation at Gamescom 2015, but that was not yet flown by players Lie + Deceptive
Master Troll: CIG will collapse in 6 months. 25 June 2016 FALSE: Jan. 2017 and received 2M$ of pledges during a flat month without really new and most people waiting for SC 3.0. See numbers here Lie + Deceptive
Master Troll: Gamescom 2016 4: all the PG or other cool stuff they’ve shown off is very, very early WIP and unusable in engine (POC) Uterlly FALSE: Proof here Lie + Deceptive
Master Troll: Gamescom 2016 10: seamless transitions from landing zones to space are now just loading screens (sq42) FALSE: Technology is now there and will be released to public in 3.0 Lie + Deceptive
Master Troll: Kate Russel Creator of the I’m Derek Smart video was fired from the BBC for policy violation 15 November 2015 FALSE: As of 21 November 2015 Kate Russel is still listed as working for  BBC Technology Expert in the BBC Click show.  Latest live edition was on 23rd January 2017 Lie + Deceptive



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