The Broken Clock Tactic



Even a broken clock is right twice a day


This is the foundation of Master troll tactic, alone or in conjunction with the three following tactics:

–          Prophecy tactic:  This will never happen.  This is not possible. It can’t happen.

–          Lie tactic: “If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three”.  It does need to be believable. Small or big, just throw them, in mass to create a cloud of obfuscation.

 –          Broken Clock tactic: “Here is the truth”.   Take obvious fact that everyone can only agree with.  For instance, a feature not yet implemented. 

         o   The easiest one being a Stretch Goal (“stretch” beyond the initial, official goal of the Kickstarter project, to make cooler stuff!).

         o   Or a tech not yet implemented (seamless FPS transition). 

Fine.  But why Master Troll is shooting something that everybody is aware off?  This is part of obfuscation because at no time he write a disclaimer like “but it is planned to be released later on”.  Nope.  And when the feature or tech is available in game months after, he draped himself into a veil of rumpled dignity: ‘But what I said was true at the time I spoke!”.

A mix of obfuscation and deception. 

This “I am still true loop whatever the circumstances” is valid for absolutely all project on this planet, in any industry.  Each task of a project is mapped on a schedule dashboard. 100% of the time, the task status start from 0 (not yet started) to 100 (completed).   So the childishness of the clown is to look at public Star Citizen schedule or stretch goal reports, pick one which fall in any status but 100 (99.99% is still a valid choice) then shoot something obvious “It is not here”.  Captain Obvious speaking.  



Hopefully, Master Troll stick to CIG project only… otherwise we will be served with revelation like:

o   sky is blue

o   Ocean is salty

o   Sun is hot                            


Offered by Master Troll obfuscation Cie




In summary, out of 24 assertions or prophecies, 100% have been proven to fall in one or several of the above described strategy. Check:

o   The Dirty Dozen Circle Jerk Mantra

o   Ocean’s 12 Lies


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