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What is a troll

Shared definition is one who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument. A very good site here.

In the specific case, Star Citizen is a dedicated target of one disrupted guy : DS. He do spend a massive amount of time adding garbage to his blog and twitting thousands of malign messages since several years. An almost 24/7  job.

This person do have a few followers. Around 10 active with multiple alts.


Reference to Master Troll  and who he is (Aka Derek Smart)


I’ll write as less as possible his full name on this site.  He is now graduated Master Troll.  A reference matching perfectly the guy.

Start to associate the guy to Master Troll banner for good.flag-stamp-master-troll

Purpose of this blog is to give a hand to people discovering Star Citizen or whoever may go through DS ranting or one of those haters minions.   I made several posts focusing on some of their delirium.

Why focusing on Master Troll? (his first proven true graduate of his life):  Conventional wisdom suggests idleness is the mother of all vices.

First, Master Troll is the mother of all delusion, hence becoming a natural nest for few but active trolls who rush to every Star Citizen article to corrupt it. Trolls are always looking to create havoc, so finding one like him is equivalent to Aguirre discovering the Eldorado.

Second, as you will discover the reasons below, he does have a personal agenda, understand a Pathological (obsessive-compulsive) disorder about anything linked to Chris Roberts…

So we got an obsessive-compulsive individual with an ego of inordinate number, infected by a delusional disorder of cosmic size.  Now take into account that his ego was crushed down two decades ago by Chris Roberts’s Wing Commander hits, while his own game was at the same time literally pilloried by gamers and reviewers… for good reasons.

 … An inextinguishable source of hatred was born.  He dedicate an incalculable amount of time every day to spread rumors and oriented comments or prophecy against Chris Roberts activities, either through blog, forums or social media.


Pathological Disorder Signs

Problem is that disproportionate ego + delusional disorder + incompetence does not make a good alchemy. So let’s have a look at the guy prowess as game developer. In twenty years, he managed to make 15 games (17 with xbox and IOS). Yet, in truth, this is something of a lie by omission. Many of those 15 titles are re-issues, upgrades or gold editions of other games.

All his games are set in his 3000AD universe, and all feature some form of science fiction combat. Games like Galactic Command (2006) and All Aspect Warfare (2009), may have presented a lighter, more casual side of such game experience, but both have been widely criticized as far too similar (though admittedly more refined) to his previous games.

The perfect truth may be that he has been making the same game for almost two decades. Starting big, then working backward to a scale at which he can accomplish at least some of his goals… but failed each time.


Indie Developer Status not an Excuse For Terrible Behavior


Here is the Metacritic score of all reviewed games, from 1998 to 2015. 9 did not received any review.  That say a lot about the volume of sold copy and/or average interest.

8 got a User Score.  The average score is 2.38 out of 10

But it is not his fault.  White knights were in ambush, a 20 years old vendetta…  a worldwide conspiracy. But conspirators forgot to give bad score to 9 of the other games…  This is also for sure a conspiracy  🙂



Show Must Go On


He signed a succession of publishing deals with a variety of companies, all of which fell through except is own… But who knows. In a fit of rage, he could inadvertently fire himself   🙂

His last attempt is named LOD (quickly translated as the Last Outrageous Disaster).  Something he said to have work on since 2009, to be released in May 2012.  It was available through Steam as Early Access, then removed on April 2016. According to him, the reason given was: “I am tired of the noise, the attacks, the harassment, the distractions here on Steam”

… But let’s focus on reasons given by those who participate to the show:

“Derek remove his game from steam because it is a pile of garbage… that game really is very bad and since 2009 in development. But this guy no has any hope to see the light with this failure of game of project …DS your legacy to the world of video games is pure garbage”

“If only he took as much time developing his own game as he does making blogs and presentations of “facts” or posting in public forums. I really wish this guy would just retire. He has never made anything worth mentioning. All his “fame” is of him being a nuisance for decades”


“So in short, the 15h iteration of battleCruiser, first major failure of DS, is again a failure.  This guy did not learn from his own mistakes even to try to release an average game.  No.  He still deliver total crap while his single, main focus, is to spit on Chris Robert and Star Citizen, which is already in its buggy (less and less) and light content Alpha state, a very fun experience. Shame on you DS!!  Go back to your Troll cave”

“… and what is worse is as I read the forum looking for answers to my questions or documentation of the bugs, I found that he almost always berated those that dared to make suggestions or simply point out that something needed to be fixed.

I learned a great deal about the man from his replies.  And I now understand completely why he pulled the game from Steam.  Review bombs had nothing to do with it.  The game is crap.  Everyone can see it.  That is not my subjective opinion.  And, I think he is going to mothball it.  But, he would rather do it on a less well known service.  My guess is he will just let it fade away”

And it goes on and on…

Some speculate that Steam kicked him out before impacting further Valve reputation… knowing the capacity of the guy to destroy, soil or contaminate everything he touch that would be a wise move.

Here is a Youtube review named “let’s try games- LOD MMO – Defending a Planet From Nobody”:  lets try games- LOD MMO – Defending a Planet From Nobody.  When you know this is the 15th iteration of the same game made during 2 decades, you realize than nothing can be saved. And it is getting worst with time. The last 9 did received only two score (0.3 and 1 out of 10 on Metacritic).

This guy managed to sabotage himself (and gamers) with a consistently ambition that deserve hats off





… What about a comment from a professional who did have to cross his path:

In the end, nothing good will ever come of his posting. He says something arrogant/insulting, gets a little of the same back and flies off the handle. I’m breaking the cycle and hoping those who insist on responding to loud-mouths with their own pithy comments re-evaluate why they’re here and what they are contributing.

(He was banned from Gamers with Jobs about a month later. It was neither his first forum banning, nor his last)

According to the Master Troll himself: “This game (LOD) wants to be better than Star Citizen“… really?… and at the same time he start to prepare audience by shooting excuse  “It is an indie game that went into development in 2010; and at the peak (during content creation) of development (we created our own custom engine), had around sixteen people working on it. To date, it has cost less than $20m to develop”.  Lets make some math…  a team of 16 at peak of development +20M$ = better than Star Citizen.      Of course we know him.  We know how it is going to end. As usual, an horrific debacle… and more hatred against you know who…  

… Chris Roberts’s fault of course view from the Master troll twisted mind.  Chris Roberts, his intimate enemy since the time of Wing Commander which literally crushed the Master Troll developer hope.  The very same Chris Roberts, described by a journalist as follow: “It’s a Steve Jobs-like perfectionism, stubborn and brilliant, that pushes both boundaries and production deadlines. But in his mind, that’s what it takes to build the greatest space game the world has ever seen

Chris Roberts, a guy able to gather 161M$ on his name (October 2017). Probably because he use a magic wand to force half million PC gamers to support Star Citizen.


A Last Drink For The Road?

And in case you still do not have a clear picture of the guy, be ready. Here comes the best, from his own mouth or hand. A selection of public declaration, explaining how and why he communicate on  message board, forum or social media, in situation involving PC gamers community at large.

“Its my version of a drive-by flaming. One in which everyone – I do mean everyone – gets their collective asses singed. I’m an equal opportunity flamer. The end result is that long after your post, there are wankers sitting around wondering wtf just happened. So, like the predictable gits that they are, they keep posting. And posting. And posting. Comfort in the thought that I, like I don’t have better things to do with my time, would go back and see the aftermath of my post”

“I don’t give a shit about people long enough to care what they think”

“If you have an ego, it’s really hard to suppress that instinct to respond.”

“Sometimes when I get online, and it’s quiet, and I see something that attracts my attention, I’ll post just to piss these guys off. That’s why I do it. Because I’m in a good mood that day, I go in there and I start trouble.”

Altogether, a pretty accurate description of who is who.

Note:  comments picked from various articles and message board. They are all opinion of theirs authors.  Each one is able to make his own opinion, to agree or disagree based on multiple source, and…

Trolls… this Blog is here to stay.  Swallow it 🙂  

Foot note: comments are allowed but moderated and with  auto-ban On.  Contrary to the patented clown and followers, I have a life and do not waste time feeding troll. Sorry you will have to find a SC article to discharge your frustration  🙂

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