Manze and friends, guys with an agenda

Dear Diary

The beginning of a child’s diary entry


The creature known as Manzes has a long and storied history as a bastion of Gaming Righteousness™… in his own mind, anyway. He’s a prolific  troll, but only in one area: Chris Roberts STAR CITIZEN. He’s been spotted trolling in such illustrious publications and websites as PCgamer, MassivelyOP, and even the LA Times. He specializes in ridiculous arguments, claims of fraud, barely coherent English, and general faggotry.

== Alt-aholism ==

The following are confirmed alts that the assclown has posted under.

  • Manzes : One of the most popular name he’s used. Shows up everywhere.
  • Tufao : Original name.
  • JCRG99 : Roberts Space Industries forum name. Confirmed twatter handle. Reddit name also. This is the one that he quotes when asked for “proof” of whatever idiotic thing he’s saying at the moment. Self reference for evidence… fucking classy!
  • GamerofThrones : most recent PCGamer name. Recently banned for launching weapons-grade derp.
  • /u/mestremum : Reddit name. Often refers back to this name for “citations” as well.
  • PonyMillar : An earlier name, it appears to be abandoned currently. Still pops up on old articles, seemingly unbanned.
  • TommenStark : Occasional use.
  • MrGaribaldi : Occasional use.

Others alts not officially linked to original Manze’s troll but having the very same attitude that make them an almost perfect clone. So when you cross their path, do not bother trying to explain why they are wrong or simply have an educated exchange… it is a pure waste of time… unless you want to have fun with them 🙂     The best option is to flag them as Troll in comment and add a word or two about this site.  Double benefit, you save your time and mine 🙂

  • Space_windu (on reddit), NopeCat, Jimmy Dyke, Brian Grant: Occasional use, mainly on PCgamer, IGN, PC Invasion, pixelemonade.
  • T_0_m, DonZunnerDzunner, AStormApproaches, Gamerofthrones, Summd00d, TorbInator, NoEresTuSoyYo, Stan,  Cloverfield, Dementropy, Iratepirate, Tinus, Shear, VOAD_Parray, XyzzyFrobozz, Potato, Fundamentalist Daleks, April_Rain, Darshan Davis, Marty, Bryce Bierleve, I_U, Godmode Enabled, Knowless222, Nawledgelambo, LightsOut, Sabin Figaro, AKM, Give me a blindfall, Kratier, Pickles Green, J.Majere, Adept, RedBaroon, Stan, Harbinger73, wane-bradee, Callum Booker: Occasional use, mainly on PC Invasion. used to upvote themselfself
  • Scott@Seattle: Occasional use, mainly on PCgamer.
  • Marty Sullivan : Occasional use, mainly on Kotaku Uk.
  • ShootySpaceGame, Rico Sheet, Von Buff, Baztarp, Richard Ogden,  Peter Venkman, DoctorOink, Jeremy Straps, Joe Smith, Brubble, Raimbow Fart,  MoreDelays, Nandiman, Shamz, Jimmy_Q, PC_Peasant,   and others alts: ComfyPants and Amir Jonis, used to upvote themselfself: Occasional use, mainly on PCgamer and PCInvasion
  • YoMomma, CatsAreFuzzy,  InertiamanSC : Active on Reddit or Youtube

This list will be updated, as they are banned after a time on most message board or mainly because they create new accounts to simulate an horde of hungry backers 🙂

In reality, there is only  a handful of them versus +700.000 backers, some following the Master Troll or simply being casual troll looking to create trouble in article with a comments section.

You know, like Kilgore in Apocalypse Now movie: I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that”

Foot note: comments are allowed but moderated and with  auto-ban On.  Contrary to the patented clown and followers, I have a life and do not waste time feeding troll. Sorry you will have to find a SC article to discharge your frustration  🙂

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